US STCS Technology and STSCS Asset Management Co., Ltd. jointly established STCS

STCS Technology and Hong Kong BSTCS Asset Management Co., Ltd. jointly created the STCS platform and launched STCS to reshape the cloud storage market. The project aims to connect users who need file storage with global hosts and provide underutilized hard disk capacity. The blockchain technology used in the STCS project ensures data security and increases the economic benefits of users and host contributors. Compared to traditional storage providers, STCS ensures storage transactions through smart contracts, creating more reliable and affordable products. No one or organization can review or deny access to data. It can be said that STCS has created an open and de-mediated cloud management new market.

       The combination of blockchain and distributed storage technology makes up for the shortcomings of the existing blockchain system in file storage. It combines the permanent file storage with the blockchain's non-tamperable and timestamp proof features, which is very suitable for copyright. Application of protection, identity and proof of source.

Users can encrypt the information and store it in the STCS. On the other hand, it can also realize the distributed sharing of files.
In a social system, users can exchange useful information while storing information.

Users can trade information through platform tokens, the transaction process is open and transparent, the transaction process is fast and convenient, and the fairness and fairness of each transaction is protected.

Distributed storage distributes information across many nodes, greatly reducing the cost of the server database and significantly reducing labor costs.

       STCS distributed storage improves system responsiveness by mapping data in hotspots to high-speed storage; once these regions are no longer hotspots, the storage system moves them out of high-speed storage.

STCS distributed storage allows high-speed storage and low-speed storage for distributed deployment, or any ratio of distribution.
STCS distributed storage uses a multi-copy backup mechanism.
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